Please prepare a presentation in PowerPoint format (file extension “.ppt/” “.pptx/” with a name formed by the speaker’s “Last_Name”) to be uploaded on the website and used during the presentation verifying its correct functioning; it is recommended not to exceed 15-20 slides (AISRe Presentation template).

At this link (Download template file in WORD for paper editing) you can find the template file in word with the instructions for editing the contributions to be presented at the AISRe conference.

It is advisable to write directly or to copy in this file the text to be edited using the already defined ‘paper’ styles.



The pdf file with the layout of the poster is sent from the website and more precisely from the reserved area of one of the authors. For those who wish, it is possible to send also the pdf of the paper related to the poster (instructions for the editing of papers are available on the website file template for editing papers). All submitted materials will be uploaded on the website and publicly available at the Abstract Archive page.

Poster presentations will be included in a dedicated time slot (poster session) and will be an integral part of the conference programme.


Posters should be prepared in standard A2 (420 x 594mm) or A1 (594 x 841mm) format.
Please include in the poster, in addition to the title, the authors and institutional affiliation.
Sample guidelines for creating posters are available at the following links: