A.01. Governance, planning, evaluation of plans and programs; European programming
A.02. Institutions, public services and territorial finance
A.03. International relations, policies and cooperation
B.04. Regional and urban growth and development
B.05. Internal areas, high lands and rural development
C.06. Companies, productive systems and regional industrial policies
D.07. Methods and models of territorial analysis and spatial econometrics
D.08. Didactics and disciplines of regional sciences
E.09. Regional labor markets, demography, immigration
E.10. Welfare, inequality, personal services and social policies
E.11. Education, training and employment
F.12. Culture, tourism and territorial marketing
F.13. Creativity, cultural districts and tourism policy
G.14. Urban transformations and the real estate market
H.15. Infrastructures, accessibility and network services
H.16. Urban mobility and transport at the interregional and European scale
H.17. Logistics and transport of goods
I.18. Sustainable development and green economy
I.19. Indicators of wealth, social capital and local development
L.20. Urbanization, development processes and territorial planning
L.21. The urban and social redevelopment of periphery areas
M.22. Business services and regional development
N.23. Knowledge, innovation and development
O.24. Evaluation of public policies and interventions