A.I.S.Re – Italian Association of Regional Science is a scientific association that pursues the aim of developing, mainly in Italy, activities of research, learning and publishing in the field of the Regional Science.

In order to do that:

  • AISRe supports the circulation of ideas and research on regional issues utilising the tools, methods and schemes specifically thought for the regional analysis, as well as the adaptation of concepts, procedures and techniques developed by other sciences;
  • it promotes and supports the diffusion and teaching of the regional sciences;
  • it works for the recognition of the role and professional status of regional scientists;
  • it develops the exchange of information, the national and international networking among scholars and institutions actively involved in regional studies, the cooperation with similar associations;
  • it promotes scientific and technic publishing on the subject of regional science;
  • it organises a conference, usually yearly, in addition to national and international workshops on the subject of the regional science.

AISRe is the Italian section of the European Regional Science Association (ERSA), which constitutes, together with the North American Association and the Pacific Regional Association, the Regional Science Association lnternational (RSAI).

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