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 Call for papers - XXXVIII Annual Scientific Conference 

Cagliari (CA), September 20-22, 2017


Innovation, urban systems and regional development.

New development paths beyond the crisis

The Italian Association of Regional Science (AISRe) invites authors to present an original, unpublished work for its Annual Scientific Conference.

Regions, territories and urban areas have rather unevenly experienced the negative effects of the recent economic crisis. These effects have been exacerbated by the costs induced by the globalization process and the still incomplete economic integration; and, in some cases, they have been further amplified by international trade imbalances and the destabilizing effects of the financial sector. Moreover, the still feeble signs of economic recovery seem to be very diversified across territories.

The aim of the XXXVIII Conference is to stimulate scientific debate on the Regional Science issues related to the analysis of both the local and global factors expected to crucially shape the regional development process after the crisis. Such analysis should investigate regions’ structural features that are, at the same time, the cause of their vulnerability and the source of their resilience, adaptation and regeneration capabilities. Such features may play a key role in triggering the mechanism that will make it possible not only to recover what has been lost in a ten-year period of economic downturn, but also to identify new paths for a more effective, sustainable and inclusive regional growth.

Local entrepreneurs play a crucial role in the recovery process as agents of change. Because they are able to take advantage of localization economies and to identify new opportunities, they represent a constant source of renewal and will contribute to the transformation of local economic systems, their communities and institutions.

Territories with high rates of entrepreneurship are characterised by a high degree of innovativeness. This, coupled with the presence of dense social networks, enhances creative thinking and knowledge diffusion. Places of this kind are also those most attractive to both national and foreign workers with high educational attainment and skills, who help strengthen inter-regional knowledge networks and scientific cooperation among regional innovation systems.

Overcoming the crisis and undertaking a path of sustainable growth also hinge on good public policies. Local governments can activate virtuous mechanisms by supporting firms’ innovations and smart production processes, in both the industrial and service sector (transport, tourism, culture, health). The effectiveness of such policies – in terms of new jobs, greater productivity, higher investments and enhanced competitive advantage on the global market – will also depend on the renewal efforts that public administrations will be able to transfer to their inner functioning mechanisms.

Finally, in unveiling the new patterns of growth, a role of great responsibility should be played by universities, as the main institutions devoted not only to the provision of increasing levels of both research and higher education, but also to the formation of new professionals and competences, technological transfer to territories and, above all, the promotion of values such as openness, inclusion, tolerance, and the appreciation of diversity in the interest of future generations.

Plenary and semi-plenary sessions

The first plenary session will focus on the main theme of the conference. This session, in the form of a Lectio Magistralis organised by Scienze Regionali – Italian Journal of Regional Science, will be held by Maryanne Feldman. Previous editions of the Lectio involved Martin Andersson (2016), Bernard Fingleton (2015) and Ron Boschma (2014).

The second plenary session will deal with the issue of the future of European regional policy in a changing Europe.

Further plenary sessions will be devoted to universities and technology transfer, with the participation of rectors from Mediterranean countries, and to the economics of places, in memory of Giacomo Becattini.

Besides the specific theme of the conference, AISRe encourages scientific contributions that focus on the following issues of Regional Science:

A. Governance, regional and territorial policies, European programmes

1. Territorial governance, programming and planning

2. Territorial institutions and local finance

3. International economy, cooperation and regional development

B. Growth, regional and sub-regional disparities, local economy

4. Growth and regional and urban development

5. Green economy

6. Internal areas, highlands and rural development

C. Firms, innovation, value chains and local productive systems

7. Firms, productive systems and regional industrial policies

8. Services to firms and regional development

9. Knowledge, innovation and regional development

D. Methods for territorial analysis and evaluation

10. Methods and models for territorial analysis and spatial econometrics

11. Evaluation of policies, plans and programmes

12. Teaching and disciplines of regional science

E. Labour markets, welfare, personal services and social policies

13. Regional labour markets, demography, immigration

14. Welfare, inequalities, personal services and social policies

15. Education, training and employment

F. Welfare, culture, tourism

16. Welfare indicators, social capital and local development

17. Culture, tourism and terri – Polytechnic of Milan; and policies for tourism

G. Urbanization, real estate market and development processes of cities

19. Urban transformation and real estate market

20. Urbanization process and development

21. Suburbs and urban and social requalification

H. Infrastructures and transportation

22. Infrastructures, accessibility, logistics and transportation

23. Mobility and urban transportation

24. Policies for transportation at the interregional and European scale

A more detailed list of the themes of the conference is available on the Association’s website: http://www.aisre.it/conferenza-br-annuale/temi-della-conferenza.



The XXXVIII Annual Conference will take place in Cagliari (CA), from 20th to 22nd September 2017.

Interested authors are invited to participate by choosing one of the following options:

-    single contributions, which will be assigned to parallel sessions by the Scientific Committee of the Conference, according to the theme indicated by the authors when sending their abstracts (see the 24 themes listed above);

-       posters, which will be assigned to a session divided into two time slots. The printing (according to the instructions and guidelines that will be provided) and the transport of the posters must be arranged by the authors. Interested authors should send an abstract of the poster content, following the same procedure as that for papers, specifying “poster” in the title;

-       organized sessions and policy sessions. Proponents assume the role of scientific supervisors and coordinators of the sessions, inviting researchers to participate, subscribe to the conference and present their contributions. Each session can have only one coordinator. Coordinators will benefit from a reduced registration fee. The deadline for submitting the coordinator’s name, the title of the session and the number of contributions/slots is March 10th, 2017. Please email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Coordinators will be notified of acceptance via email within ten days from submission. Once approved, the session’s title will be uploaded on the Association’s website.

All authors (including those invited to organized sessions) must submit a 300–400 word abstract of his/her paper or poster by April 3rd, 2017 through the Association’s website (www. aisre.it). No more than two contributions (papers or posters) per author will be accepted, co-authored works included. When sending the abstract, the authors invited to organized sessions must specify the session name in the title, while submitters of posters must add the term “poster” in the title. The conference will host both Italian and English sessions. Authors interested in presenting their works in English should add the abbreviation “EN” in the title.

The abstracts will be evaluated by a committee of referees. Authors will be notified of acceptance by April 12th, 2017 and the list of the accepted abstracts will be published on the Association’s website.

The deadline for the payment of early-bird registration fees is June 16th, 2017. From this date until July 21st 2017 authors are expected to complete the online submission of the final version of their papers (via the website www. aisre.it). All the papers submitted through the Association’s website will be automatically made available online.

The provisional Programme of the Conference, based on the abstracts and papers submitted by July 21st 2017, will be published on the Association’s website by the end of July. The contributions of the authors who have not paid the Conference fees by July 21st, 2017 will be cancelled from the Programme and the website. Starting from this year, on-site registrations of authors are no longer possible.

The chairs of the parallel sessions will be selected from among the Conference participants and notified by the AISRe Secretary. The chair will assume the role of coordinator of the session. Each presenting author will be the discussant of the subsequent speaker. In the absence of one or more speakers, the chair will be the discussant.

During the Conference, AISRe Members are invited to participate in the Association’s General Assembly.

Young Researcher Best Paper Award. In order to encourage young researchers to participate, AISRe will give an award to the most original and innovative paper presented at the Conference by a young scholar of Regional Science. Only papers submitted by June 16th, 2017 and entirely written by young authors will be considered for the award. In order to participate, authors must be 35 years old or under at the opening of the Conference. This prize cannot be combined with any other award granted by AISRe.


To register for the Conference as an author or co-author of a paper, it is necessary to become a member of the Association (Individual, Collective or Young Member). AISRe members receive the subscription to Scienze Regionali: Italian Journal of Regional Science for the calendar year following that of subscription (www. rivistasr.it/), all the volumes of the Regional Sciences Series (edited by F. Angeli) published during the registration year, subscription to the Regional Science Association International (RSAI) and the online subscription to Papers in Regional Science Journal for the calendar year following that of registration. Furthermore, AISRe Members have the opportunity to enrol at reduced fees at the annual Conferences of both the International European Regional Science Association (ERSA) (www. ersa. org/) and the Regional Science Association International (RSAI) (www. regionalscience. org/).

Registering for AISRe and the conference can be done concurrently if desired. All registrations made after December are valid for the next social year. AISRe social year lasts from July 1st to June 30th.

Registration for the Annual Conference gives entitlement to attend all the scientific sessions, to receive the Conference materials, and to benefit from all the services offered during the Conference.


Registration Instructions

To register for the Conference and the Association it is necessary to fill out the registration forms available on the Association’s website (www.aisre.it). Registration fees may be paid via Paypal, through the Association’s website, or bank transfer (charges borne by the payee) to:

A.I.S.Re – Associazione Italiana di Scienze Regionali

IBAN: IT71S0569601620000010269X08

Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Agenzia 21 Milano, Via Edoardo Bonardi 4, 20133 Milano

For international bank transfer payments it is necessary to specify the IBAN and Branch Identifier BIC/SWIFT: POSOIT22. Young members must also send a copy of their identity card or fiscal code card to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Type of Registration

Subscription to AISRe

Registration for the Conference


by 16/06/2017




Individual member contributor

€ 130

€ 120

€ 220

€ 250

€ 350

Young member (1) contributor

€ 65

€ 50

€ 140

€ 115

€ 205

Collective member (2) contributor

€ 1.300 (4)

€ 0
(first 5 registrants)

€ 160

€ 0

(first 5 registrants)

€ 160

€ 50
(6th registrant onwards)

€ 50

(6th registrant onwards)

Proponent and coordinator of organized sessions

€ 130

€ 0

€ 160

€ 130

€ 290

Organized session contributor

€ 130

€ 100

€ 160

€ 230

€ 290

Poster session contributor

€ 130 (senior)

€ 65 (young)

€ 60 (senior)

€ 20 (young)

€ 160 (senior)

€ 80 (young)

€190 (senior)

€85 (young)

€290 (senior)

€145 (young)

Auditor (no contribution) (3)

€ 100

€ 100

€ 100

€ 100

1) With “Young Member” we refer to people aged 35 and under. Proof of age must also be sent along with the bank transfer copy. 2) The Conference registration fees are individually applied to participants who are members of institutions enrolled with AISRe as Collective Members. The first five conference registrations are free. 3) Auditors are participants who are not authors of papers presented at the Conference. 4) The amount of 1.300 euros must be paid by the enrolled Collective Member, who must notify the names of the five participants who can attend the conference for free.


Steering Committee (to be confirmed):

Stefano Aragona - Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria; Marco Bellandi – University of Florence; Cristina Bernini – University of Bologna; Luigi Bettoni – Bank of Italy, Cagliari branch; Bianca Biagi – University of Sassari and CRENoS;  Alessandro Bianchi -  University 'Telematica Pegaso'; Roberta Capello – Polytechnic of Milan; Riccardo Crescenzi – London School of Economics; Marusca De Castris - Roma Tre UniversityAlessandra Faggian – Gran Sasso Science Institute; Fiorenzo Ferlaino – IRES Piemonte; Mara Giua – Roma Tre University and Centre Rossi-Doria; Anna Giunta – Roma Tre University and Centre Rossi-Doria; Dieter Kogler – University College Dublin; Donato Iacobucci – Polytechnic University of Le Marche; Simona Iammarino – London School of Economics; Patrizia Lattarulo – IRPET; Camilla Lenzi – Polytechnic of Milan; Carlo Mannoni – Fondazione di Sardegna; Emanuela Marrocu – University of Cagliari and CRENoS; Fabio Mazzola – University of Palermo; Francesca Medda – University College of London; Italo Meloni – University of Cagliari and CIREM; Corinna Morandi – Polytechnic of Milan; Riccardo Padovani – SVIMEZ; Guido Pellegrini – La Sapienza University of Rome; Giovanni Perucca – Polytechnic of Milan;  Vincenzo Provenzano - Palermo University; Laura Resmini – University of Milano-Bicocca; Stefano Usai – University of Cagliari and CRENoS; Corrado Zoppi – University of Cagliari.


Local Organizing Committee:

Emanuela Marrocu (COL representative) – University of Cagliari and CRENoS; Stefano Usai – University of Cagliari and CRENoS (COL representative); Bianca Biagi – University of Sassari and CRENoS; Silvia Balia – University of Cagliari and CRENoS; Fabio Cerina – University of Cagliari and CRENoS; Adriana Di Liberto – University of Cagliari and CRENoS; Ivan Etzo – University of Cagliari; Carla Massidda – University of Cagliari; Anna Maria Pinna – University of Cagliari and CRENoS; Romano Piras – University of Cagliari; Manuela Pulina – University of Sassari and CRENoS; Giovanni Sulis – University of Cagliari and CRENoS.

AISRe Board:

Guido Pellegrini (President) – La Sapienza University of Rome; Patrizia Lattarulo (Secretary) – IRPET; Vincenzo Provenzano (Treasurer) – University of Palermo; Marco Alderighi – Università della Valle d'Aosta; Marco Bellandi – University of Florence; Fiorenzo Ferlaino – IRES Piemonte; Francesca Gambarotto – University of Padua; Donato Iacobucci – Polytechnic University of Le Marche; Camilla Lenzi – Polytechnic of Milan; Emanuela Marrocu – University of Cagliari; Fabio Mazzola – University of Palermo; Corinna Morandi – Polytechnic of Milan; Rosanna Nisticò – Università della Calabria; Laura Resmini – University of Milano-Bicocca; Francesca Silvia Rota – IRES Piemonte.

Accounting Auditors:

Marusca De Castris – Roma Tre University; Giovanni Perucca – Polytechnic of Milan; Davide Piacentino – University of Palermo.

Venue of the Conference: Campus Universitario “Mario Aresu", Via San Giorgio 12, 09124 Cagliari (CA).


AISRe Secretary

Patrizia Lattarulo


Villa La Quiete alle Montalve

Via Pietro Dazzi, 1 50141 Firenze

Tel. 055 4591252

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical Secretary

Diana Sarmiento, Francesca Silvia Rota

email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further information will be made available at the beginning of February 2016

on the Association’s website: www. aisre.it

A.I.S.Re – Associazione Italiana di Scienze Regionali, c/o DAStU – Politecnico di Milano
Via Edoardo Bonardi 3, 20133 Milano – C.F. 97008200582