A.I.S.Re. Italian Association of Regional Science

XXXIX Annual Scientific Conference - Call for papers

Bozen (BZ), September 17-19, 2018


The Regions of Europe among Local Identities,
New Communities and Territorial Disparities


The Italian Association of Regional Science (AISRe) announces its XXXIX Annual Scientific Conference, a meeting that hosts the contributions of academics from various (different) disciplines related to the field of regional sciences and invites to present original scientific works.

Europe is facing today a strong demand for autonomy from the territories: on the one hand to protect the identity of local communities, and on the other hand to respond to the demand for a broader representation of resident citizenships. However, such demands can jeopardize the objectives of balance and integration between the areas of the territory and those who live there, objectives that have always been at the center of proposals developed in the framework of the regional sciences.

The recent crisis exacerbated instability and has widened economic and social gaps, not only between regions but also within the regions themselves. If the economic growth of the past decade had found an impulse in expanding the spaces of relations and exchanges, the responses to the threats brought by the crisis have frequently materialized in closing borders for defending local levels of wealth. Economic resilience has not always been followed by supporting of solid levels of social cohesion and integration between areas and communities.

The XXXIX Annual Conference wants to pay particular attention to the analysis, methodologies and proposals of policies aimed to address the issue of autonomy demand by the territories and how this question is raised in regards to the economic and social development of regions and countries. The focus will be: the growing disparity between central and outlying areas, inland and exposed areas, northern and southern regions of the countries and of Europe; the political and administrative decentralization and to the potential institutional arrangements aimed to guarantee representation to local authorities, territorial equity and national cohesion; the local communities facing an aging population and the arrival of new populations to support the generational change, the economic and social costs and benefits they bring to the local system and to the integration policies.

A particular aspect of this issue of the Conference concerns the relationship and the changing balance between territories and local urban and rural systems,  plains and mountains and, within the mountain areas themselves,  the most urbanized valley floors and the high altitude areas which are very often border areas between provinces, regions and states. Relationships established by the Italian urban system with the nearby mountain areas are linked still today to unbalanced relations of exchanges, conditioning and levels of wealth. One of the objectives of the Conference is to gather analysis and policy indications on this specific topic.


Venue: Eurac Research - Viale Druso 1, 39100 Bozen (BZ) - www.eurac.edu